CSA 2021 – Full Farm Bundles!

Sign-up now for our 2021 Full Farm Bundles! Our community-supported agriculture (CSA) veggie bundles are a great way to share a taste of the best that our farm offers. We will have not only strawberries but are also planning on sugar snap peas, fresh greens, heirloom garlic, brown eggs and more! We include a wonderful assortment of fresh veggies in your share of the harvest and if you like our strawberries you are sure to be pleased with our full farm bundles! Your involvement in the CSA is a partnership with our farm and what is included in your bundles will reflect the results of our growing efforts! Shares will fill quickly, so sign up below to make sure that you get on the list for the season. This year we will be offering both full and 1/2 share bundles during strawberry season (May/June) for pick-up at the farm.

Full Farm Bundles

A share of the best that our farm offers: strawberries, sugar snap peas, garlic, fresh greens, and more!

Full-Share Bundle: A family-sized bundle with a full assortment of fresh berries and veggies. $20

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1/2-Share Bundle: The same great variety of berries and veggies just in a smaller quantity. $12

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